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Sat, 03 Sep 2011
Baby L.S.C..Cockatoo
L.S.C Cockatoo is doing really well and growing fast.Its now got crest feathers,and has pin feathers over nearly its entire body.Some of the pins in the wings are sprouting out the begining of its first white feathers on the ends.Its a real darling,and a pleasure to rear.

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Yellow Pastle/Green Pastle Parrotlet chicks hatch
First baby hatched today.All babies are going to be hand reared

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Green Pastle/American White Parrotlet chicks hatched
New chicks hatched in the nest box today.These will all be hand reared.

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Thu, 25 Aug 2011
Baby L.S.C..Cockatoo
We are proud to announce that the baby is doing really well.Its a greedy little thing,very strong,and quite chunky,bless!.We are also pleased to say,if its a little girl,it has a loving family and new home already waiting for it.But If its a little boy,we will be keeping it ourselves. The parents "popsie & Pippin" already seem to be getting ready to nest again. (Keep an eye on this calendar for updates)

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Fri, 19 Aug 2011
L.S.C.Cockatoo Chicks (Popsie & Pippin)
We are please to say that "Popsie & Pippin" our Lesser Sulpher Crested Cockatoos are doing a wonderful job of raising their chick,considering its their first time rearing.They have had many many attempts at breeding over the years weve had the pair,but sadly they never managed to hatch any,that was until this year.On the 6th of Aug 2011 we heared the squeaks coming from the nest box.I was bouncing with joy,and didnt come down off the high for have been watching them on cctv every day since the 6th,worried they might not feed them.But we are so pleased with their progress,and the chick/s are getting stronger every day.She dont do much of the work though,and he seems to do 80% of it.She always was will be putting the rings on after the weekend,as they have to be registered with D.F.R.A. due to them being cities birds,and critically endangered in the wild.We are keeping one baby ourselves (Well it is her first) but all other babies will be available once fully weaned.To reserve a baby,you should contact us asap,as they will sell fast. Tracy-Ann & Sue x

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